Jules&Co is a brand management and sales agency based in Hong Kong and Paris specialised in fashion, accessories and home/lifestyle products that suit the fashion eesthetic. Jules&Co provides a spectrum of solutions to Western clients looking to enter the growing and lucrative Asian market. Powered by a broad understanding of Asia and deep experience in fashion and retail, our services benefit both small start- ups and large established brands alike. We counsel with insider’s information of the region, explore initial entry points and long-term growth opportunities, and empower launch efforts with creative services and the right connections. We make the path to Asia possible.

Strategic insight

Get the insider’s guide to Asia. Relying on our experience across the continent, our custom research reports provide overviews of relevant regions, insight into the competitive climate, and a clear picture into emerging trends. We then alert you to fertile opportunities in the region. You’ll be able to make better informed decisions on where and how to enter the region before you make any commitments.

Overseas presentation

Expanding a business across an ocean is no small feat. Rather than stretching already thin resources, we can provide almost immediate sales representation to help brands enter the right doors by leveraging existing relationships with an extensive network of over 150 buyers and sales platforms.

Creative management

In the domain of fashion and retail, the issue of taste is critical. Clients can rely on our ability to select and manage the right vendors to handle a variety creative tasks including events, communications, trainings, and merchandising. We ensure that brands are managed overseas without risking their integrity or essence.

Logistics, warehousing, pricing

We have zero tolerance for 3rd party illegal retailing. We work with a company that will take down any 3rd party & illegal selling on the majour platforms in China. Logistics is everything. We study the global price structure of a brand and work to ensure a selling price that allows our retailers a margin they needs whilst enabling an SRP that will support a local buy. We have a tremendous relationship with our logistics and warehousing provider whom enables weekly stock management reporting, fulfillment services for B2C and B2B. Our retailers and platforms are the heart of our business. Others may promise big growth and big numbers but we prefer to manage our brands with incremental growth each year, ensuring our growth builds a loyale customer, not always evident in a market looking for newness.
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